5 Things Women Need to Do to Set Yourself Apart in the Tech Industry

5 Things Women Need to Do to Set Yourself Apart in the Tech Industry was originally published on Fairygodboss.

There’s no question that technology is a lucrative, stable and interesting industry to enter in 2019. But there’s also no question that tech is intensely popular — and potentially intimidating to women who aren’t industry insiders. So, how can you cut through the noise and do what hiring managers want to see from the perfect candidate? We’ve rounded up four ways to set yourself apart in the tech industry. In a good way, of course.

1. Find a mentor.

One of the most important things you can do as a newbie in any industry? Find a seasoned professional who is willing to help you out and answer all of your questions. To get specific advice on applying to the role you’ve got your eyes on or guidance on what you can improve in your interview presentation, reach out to a woman in the industry who you admire. Whether it’s someone who’s card you got at a networking event, a former manager or someone you cold email, approach her with a specific ask and a timeline for your communication. Throw in how you can help her, too, even if it’s just connecting on LinkedIn and keeping her updated on your progress.

2. Keep learning.

Maybe more so than in other industries, hiring managers in tech are on the lookout for your specific technical skills and experience. You can blow them away by continuing your education after your college degree or coding camp. Keep working on the coding languages you know, earn certificates in new ones, take certification courses in product or project management, take supplemental courses… anything you can do to show you want to keep growing your industry knowledge.

3. Stay up-to-date on current events.

Speaking of knowledge, there’s work to do to stay up-to-date on the tech industry outside of the classroom. To stand out in interviews, keep current on news and developments that will impact the space you’re interested in, the company you’re interviewing with, or the products you’re hoping to work on. Staying up-to-date with industry news and standards shows employers you’re interested in technology and bring additional value, and potentially thought leadership, to the organization.

4. Focus on your communication.

While stereotypes may suggest companies are looking for star coders who are secretive, silent geniuses, the opposite tends to be true. Hiring managers are looking for well-rounded individuals who thrive on collaboration and teamwork, communicate clearly and will be eloquent advocates for the organization. Prove all of these qualities are true of you by coaching yourself through interview techniques, pursuing public speaking and leadership opportunities, and perfecting your written communication with hiring teams.

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