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Candid Career provides honest career information and career planning help through informational videos so you can make educated decisions. The website aims to help people with the daunting task of choosing their future career by equipping you with accurate information and first-hand knowledge. Thousands of professionals from a wide range of industries have been interviewed, all with valuable insight and experiences to share.  

With Candid Career, you’re able to explore videos relevant to specific industries, professions, and college majors. The website offers thousands of interviews of professionals, ranging from aerospace engineers and historians to radio personalities and venture capitalists. Each professional interviewed discusses what their job entails, aspects they love, any challenges faced, and how best to prepare for a future in that profession. Through this insight and advice, you can feel more confident in making decisions about their future careers. 

One professional interviewed, Stefen, is a Staff Attorney on the Prisoner Rights Project at the Legal Aid Society. Based out of New York City, Stefan represents prisoners in the organization’s class action lawsuits centered around inhumane conditions in the jails. His overall mission is to create more humane prisons that rehabilitate rather than punish. Stefen’s video interview can help you hoping to use a law degree to help fight injustices in the corrections system.

Those hoping to positively impact the environment will find Charlotte’s interview worthwhile. Charlotte is an Environmental Scientist with Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc. in Annapolis, MD. Charlotte plays a key role in monitoring the effect of new construction on the surrounding environment and making sure developers are meeting federal regulations. 

Another interviewee, David, is a Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner with Raymond James Financial Services, one of the largest financial services firms in the country. Based out of Union Savings Bank in Danbury, CT, David walks viewers through the entire lifecycle of a client, from initial prospective meeting to retirement planning. His video gives you a valuable look inside the world of finance. 

Those interested in a more creative field will be interested in Richie’s video interviews. Richie is a renowned multi-instrumentalist and owner of Cove City Sound Studios, a recording studio outside of New York City that has recorded the biggest acts in the world. Most famous for his role as saxophonist in Billy Joel’s band, Richie now runs the daily operations at the studio. Whether setting up the recording room, composing horn parts, or laying down a saxophone track, Richie works non-stop to ensure only the best music leaves his studio.

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By Jennifer Weinstein
Jennifer Weinstein Jennifer Weinstein