Why You Should Apply to the Johnson City Mentor Program

The Johnson City Mentor Program is a 2 credit CDCI internship that connects Binghamton University students with Johnson City Middle School students. BU students are paired with a middle school student in a mentor relationship. Students are required to go to the middle school for 5 hours per week during the semester to complete a total of 50 hours. Along with the 50 hour requirement, there is an online seminar class where students complete assignments associated with the program. As a mentor, students act as a role model, provide academic and social support, and become a friend to a middle school student. 

I have been a part of the Johnson City Mentor Program for the past two years. I first started the program as a mentor the first semester of sophomore year and continued through my second semester. Before beginning this program, I was pretty confident that I wanted to go into the field of education. However, by the end of the program I was confident that the field was the right one for me. After two semesters as a mentor, I applied to become a teaching assistant as I knew that I wanted to continue to make a difference in this community but wanted to help other students do so. 

This program gives students the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a student, while many other education related internships do not. Working one on one allowed me to see the personal things students in the Johnson City area go to, which is only 10 minutes away from the main campus. This program is great for any student looking to make a difference in a local community, gain experience in an education setting, or enjoy working with low-income kids that would truly benefit from the experience. 

To apply for this program, you must be a sophomore (have completed at least one year of college), and be able to complete the 50 hour requirement during the semester. Students can apply to be a mentor for next semester, fall 2020, here by April 17th. 

Students who have previously participated in the program or any mentorship program may apply for a teaching assistant position. Teaching assistant positions include hours at the middle school to communicate with the Johnson City Middle School staff, check mentor’s hours, and be there to advise the mentors. The position also includes time spent at the Fleishman Center to meet with the program coordinator, complete projects that have a positive impact on the Johnson City Middle School students’ lives, and help facilitate the online seminar class. If you’re interested in this position or have any questions about the program as a whole, email jcmentor@binghamton.edu for more information.

By Daisy DeMasi
Daisy DeMasi Daisy DeMasi