Student Affairs Internship Fund: How to Get Paid for Unpaid Internships!

Funding Opportunities for Internships

Internships are a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in an industry they are interested in.  However, it’s difficult to commit to an unpaid summer internship opportunity when you need to make money.  

The Fleishman Center understands this issue and administers the Student Affairs Internship Fund and the Boog Internship Fund to sponsor talented students so they have financial support while completing summer internships.  

The Student Affairs Internship Fund

Through the Internship Fund, several undergraduate and graduate students will receive $500 to $5,000 to defray the cost of pursuing an unpaid internship. In the summer of 2019, over 40 students were awarded funds through the Student Affairs Internship Fund.  

The Boog Internship Fund

Through the Boog Internship Fund, one undergraduate student will receive $15,000 to defray the additional costs associated with participating in a summer internship! 

Binghamton students just like you have received these sources of funding and it opened up valuable opportunities for them! 

For example, English Major, Abigail Calandra was able to spend three months over the summer “connecting with author’s agents and publishers, as well as reading at least 10 books.  She “focused on publicity and how a book really gets sold, which has been the perfect first step into the publishing world.” 

As Abigail states, “For the first month, I helped out on any project I could get my hands on. I prepped media reports, edited pitches, thought up interview questions, and read a whole lot. I also got the fantastic opportunities to travel into NYC for BookExpo and I attended the filming of a telethon for the impractical joker, James Murray (he just came out with his second book!). At these events I was able to network my way into a job shadow opportunity with an agent from Harper Collins, which is my dream company so it was really great to meet all those people! This internship fund has given me the money I needed to make an unpaid internship feasible, and I am so grateful for the opportunities it has given me this summer.”

Don’t miss out on this money!  Apply to our internship funding opportunities today!  For more information about applying please check out our website:

By Daisy DeMasi
Daisy DeMasi Daisy DeMasi