Video Interviews Take Center Stage: Here’s How to Get a Standing Ovation

Video Interviews Take Center Stage: Here’s How to Get a Standing Ovation 


Video interviewing is not anything new to the interviewing world – they often have served as an opening act, if you will, to the main show of an in-person, on-campus interview. But now as we enter into a more virtual world, video interviewing has jumped from an opening act to being the whole performance! Learn how to impress your audience (the interviewers) by following these simple guidelines:


Set the Stage: 

  • Make sure your background is appropriate for an interview. Those details matter for making a positive first impression!
  • Do your best to control any potential noise interruptions the best you can. While there will be things outside of your control, be prepared to calmly adjust to the surprise train passing by and the dogs barking down the street! 
  • Dress the part fully – don’t risk the pajama bottoms because you think the video won’t capture it!


Prepare Your Technology:

  • Check your microphone and video prior to the interview to make sure everything is working properly! 
  • Make sure you exit out of un-related webpages during a video interview. You don’t want to risk a video advertisement starting up while you are actively interviewing.
  • Technology is known to have some hiccups! Remain calm addressing any issues that arise and be ready to adapt. 


Be Aware of Your Body Language:

  • Differentiate tone/volume, change facial expressions, use hand movements – do your best to demonstrate to the employer that you are motivated and engaged in the interview.


Make Sure You Rehearse: 

  • Practice! Practice! Practice! For many people, video interviews are going to feel a lot less natural than an in-person experience. Therefore, practicing your responses is vital to performing your best – and we have a great resource to do just that! 
  • Big Interview will guide you through the interview process, from crafting your answers to actual practice through video. Choose from guided training programs or by selecting interview questions, specific to multiple industries to help you ace your next interview!

See what other professionals have recommended to candidates about video interviewing through mini-video clips on! Also, check out what Vault has to say about nailing the video interview through their short video: 4 Strategies for Nailing Your Video Interview! Video interviewing is an important part of landing a career these days and have their own unique qualities when compared to in-person interviews! Practice these tailored tips to be prepared to give your best performance virtually!

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Career Consultant Assistant in Residence Jordan Smith