Staying Busy During a Quarantine: Learning New Skills

Have you been picking up new hobbies during your free time? Us too!
Whether you’re learning to cook, doing photo shoots with your pets or learning a new language – a great way to pass some time is by learning new skills while building up your resume! 

We’re guessing a popular interview question for 2020 will be “How did you spend your free time during the quarantine?” Make sure you have a great answer and can talk about all of the great new skills you were able to learn. 

What you should do this week:

  1. Identify some new skills you would like to learn. 
  2. Get started: Sign up for free classes and start learning! 

Learn new skills with any of these free resources that offer classes on a variety of topics: 

  • LinkedIn Learning offers a free 30-day trial. Access hundreds of courses and learn new skills that employers look for such as Excel, Programming, Web Development, Graphic Design or even Photography.
  • IBM Design Thinking is offering several free courses that you can take for free. Create your account and complete these courses to earn badges.
  • Coursera streams video lectures from top instructors in subjects like business, computer science, data science, language learning, & more.
  • Codecademy offers 180 hours of free content on topics such as coding, programming, data science and more!
  • edX offers access to 2,000+ free courses from leading institutions such as Harvard and MIT. Learn about business, management, nutrition, chemistry, music and more! 
  • Skillshare offers thousands of free classes on topics such as photography, creative writing, web design, UX design, film, and animation.
  • Duolingo is a free app that teaches you a new language – Est-ce que tu parles français?
  • Fender Play is offering 90 days of free guitar and ukulele lessons

Join us for these virtual career workshops happening this week:

  • Navigating the Internship Search – Tuesday, April 14 at 4 p.m. – Register to attend 
  • Conducting a Full-Time Job Search – Friday, April 17 at Noon – Register to attend
  • Find tons of other workshops and employer hosted events in hireBING

How about some good news?

Don’t forget – Fleishman Center staff are ready to help (and we miss you)! Schedule a career consulting appointment in hireBING for assistance with any career-related topics!
Questions? You can always reach us at

By Daisy DeMasi
Daisy DeMasi Daisy DeMasi