Social Distancing Sunday: Conveying your skills to employers

Skills. Are. Important. Whether its soft skills, hard skills, technical skills, transferable skills… employers want to know you have them. More importantly, you need to be able to articulate your skills to employers.


The top 5 ways you can highlight your skills for an employer are:

  • Resume
  • 30-Second Commercial
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Cover Letter
  • During your Interview

Hard Skills:
Hard skills are part of a skill set that is required for a specific job or internship. They include technical knowledge or training that you have gained through experience, including in your career or education. For example, you might know advanced excel, python, or a second language.

Every position you apply to will require certain technical skills specific to that industry. It’s important that you can clearly convey the skills that a position requires to employers. If you’re lacking some desired skills for positions that you’d like to apply for, spend some time using free resources (such as LinkedIn LearningCourseraCodecademyedX or Skillshare) to fill in any gaps while you have some extra free time right now.

Transferable Skills
Over the years, you have developed many skills from coursework, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and your general life experiences. These skills (such as problem-solving, working in a team, written/oral communication, leadership, etc.) can be transferred to many occupations and work environments and are great things to be able to highlight. Learn more about highlighting transferable skills on pg. 3 of our Career Guide.

What you should do this week:

  1. Identify your hard skills and transferable skills
  2. Make sure these are highlighted on your resume, in your 30-second commercial, on your LinkedIn profile, in your cover letters, and during your interview
  3. Look for any skill gaps that you can fill by taking some free online courses

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Some Good News:
Here’s a list of 500 companies hiring students on Handshake Right now. Find this article and more on our COVID-19 Career Resources webpage!

Don’t forget – Fleishman Center staff are ready to help (and we miss you)! Schedule a career consulting appointment in hireBING for assistance with any career-related topics!

By Alissa Strong
Alissa Strong Sr. Asst. Director, Technology Innovation & Marketing Alissa Strong