Get Working on Your Networking: Connect and Communicate

Navigating this new normal can be intimidating, but it can also inspire you to invest in your future.

Taking just 30 minutes of your day to connect and communicate with one new professional is an essential stepping stone that can lead to your service learning, volunteering, internship or job. But first you need to establish and cultivate those relationships.

In her March 18 article “Coronavirus & Your Career: How to Effectively Network During A Quarantine”, Forbes contributor Dawn Graham offers a simple, yet powerful reminder: “The good news is that due to modern technology, meeting in-person isn’t required to develop new relationships or deepen existing ones.” 

  •  Informational Interviewing is the key to networking! Need some ideas for how to connect and what to say? Page 27 of the Fleishman Center Career Guide has helpful tips!


  • Create or update your resume to document and reflect on your experiences and accomplishments in order to convey them to chosen employers in the field of your interest. Check out our Career Guide filled with resume samples and how to get started.



  • Complete your LinkedIn profile to access thousands of potential connections. Be sure to check out the Binghamton University Alumni Professional Network. 




  • Mentor Match connects you to alumni who are ready to share their professional wisdom. 




  • HireBING powered by Handshake is way more than just the job search bar. 


Be sure to click the Career Center link which leads to so many resources!


Just 30 minutes a day! Challenge yourself! The Fleishman Center is still here to help you with networking and any other career and professional development topic during the pandemic.


Head to HireBING to schedule a virtual appointment with a career consultant. 

 Get working on your networking!

By Laura O'Neill
Laura O'Neill Career Consultant in Residence Laura O