10 Questions You’ll Get in Your Next Accounting Interview—and How to Answer Them

It’s happening! You’re finally invited to interview for that accounting role you’ve been searching for. You’re not sure what to expect, but you know you want to put your best foot forward by getting prepared and knocking this interview out of the park.

You can start by reviewing the most common interview questions. But don’t stop there—you should also make sure to be ready for some more accounting-specific interview questions.

The author of this article used to work as one at a Big Four accounting firm. And before becoming a career coach, she spent years handling recruiting efforts at a public accounting firm for five offices spanning up and down the East Coast. She worked directly with leadership to identify top talent, built recruiting processes, and screened candidates for accounting opportunities. Based on her experience, she has some advice on how to answer the most common accountant interview questions and what qualities recruiters are looking for when they ask them.

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By Alicia Hibbard
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