7 Leadership Skills Everyone Needs in Times of Change

Change isn’t a state that companies and individuals can just weather and wait out for a season. These days, it’s the constant. But if you can learn to embrace it—and learn to lead through it—you’ll have a huge advantage in the workplace and in the job market. In fact, employers today consider adaptability to be an essential on-the-job skill.

Why can change be so hard? Even when change is generally positive—say, your company is expanding and hiring many new team members—it can still be accompanied by the stress and uncertainty of venturing into new terrain. When a company is undergoing a change that is negative, such as the failure of a new product, a contracting industry, or layoffs, the stress on team members is exponential.

And yet change also provides immense opportunity for people and companies to evolve in ways that can make them stronger than ever. It gives every member of an organization, from the CEO to the entry-level hire, a chance to showcase their leadership skills and develop new ones. “People and teams can keep things moving forward,” says Sonya Shelton, CEO, and founder of Executive Leadership Consulting. “Change opens up opportunities to be a solution that people are looking for in times of crisis.”

Read this blog to learn about seven essential change leadership skills everyone should embrace.

By Alicia Hibbard
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