Five Industries Where Creative Talent Can Flourish

Creative talent, such as writing and graphic design, is often looked at as a less-than-secure field. People outside these disciplines often assume that it’s too competitive and that it’s more difficult to create or sustain a career with these skills. The truth is that creative talent is useful in virtually every industry. There is no innovation without creativity.

If you’re looking for industries where your creative career can flourish, there is no shortage of options. However, there are some industries where creative talents are more in demand than others. These are often called the creative industries. For an industry to be categorized as creative, the artistic work drives the business model.

For instance, marketing is often thought of as a creative industry. Marketing, of course, is not all creative. The industry itself employs many computer science and data analysts in order to make better use of the information which goes into creating campaigns. It also employs those with business and finance backgrounds. There are other disciplines involved, but the main production is the marketing collateral — slogans, campaigns, promotional material, etc.

For those interested in developing their creative talents professionally, the creative industries aren’t the only option. However, the creative industries do have one advantage that other industries typically don’t have: There are more positions available for creatives in industries where the business model centers around that artistic discipline.

Check out these top five creative industries to build your career.

By Alicia Hibbard
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