The Unspoken Rules of Interviewing

Have you ever showed up for an interview and feel like everyone has the playbook except you? There is a list of unspoken rules that goes on in an interview. And you are expected to know them. The rules are written by the hiring manager and recruiter. They have certain topics or things that they want to hear or things they definitely don’t want to hear. But how do you know what they are, and how do you know how to prepare for them?

Candidates practice their interviewing skills vigorously. They read up on what to say, how to answer, and what to wear.  They practice their smile, follow body language clues, be on time, but not too early.

They go over their lists of strengths and weaknesses, their accomplishments, their contributions to the last job, and what they offer this new company.

But interviewers are listening for the things you should NOT say, as much as what you should say. What are the topics you should not bring up in an interview?

By Alicia Hibbard
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