8 Best Job Searching and Career Websites for People of Color

From the employee who dreams about landing an executive role at a company but notices a lack of diversity in the C-suite to the entrepreneurs struggle to get funding for their startup—when it comes to career advancement, people of color face an uphill battle. So, we’ve rounded up a few inspirational and resourceful platforms for people of color. Here are some of the best sites for job searching and career advancement for people of color.

Job Well

A career advancement platform for black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals. They also help companies with their marketing, diversity recruitment, and retention.


A platform to connect, enlighten, and empower emerging and early-stage startups and career women. Beyond creating a space to celebrate women entrepreneurs, the Womeneur Collective offers a private membership-based community for resources, weekly training, and actionable advice. Need a daily dose of straight-talk-no-chaser inspiration? Then follow @womeneur on Instagram.

The Life Currency

With a focus on helping millennial students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs navigate life through their 20s, the Life Currency shares gems on preparing for college, balancing career and side-hustles, spending, and investing and making money. Take note, changemakers, dream chasers, and hustlers can get their daily dose of inspiration @TheLifeCurrency’s Instagram page.

Black Creatives

A digital media platform for news, resources, and tools that helps black creatives thrive in their careers. Beyond digital infotainment, #Blkcreatives, is your daily dose of inspiration, conversation, and community, especially on Twitter. Make sure you tune into their Twitter chats.

Black Career Women’s Network 
A national professional development organization focused on everything career-related to the success of African American Women—from “Ask a Mentor” digital tools and coaching to events and in-person workshops. BCWN is on a mission to bridge the gap in support of professional development, particularly for women of color.

The Memo

Coaching, advising, and career development for women of color. This platform goes beyond surface level workplace issues (e.g., communication challenges) and digs deep to uncover solutions on hot topics such as “Intersectionality at work,  Overcoming microaggressions, and Building Alliances At Work.

The Mentor Method

A social enterprise on a mission to help companies increase workplace diversity. According to the website, not only does The Mentor Method make stronger matches between company employees, but they provide a framework, resources, and proven methodology to make the relationship effective. Plus, the Mentor Method provides a  series of business workshops such as New Leadership Training, Diversity, Intern Training, and Implicit Bias training.

She Leads Africa

A global hub of advice, inspiration, and opportunities targeting African women. Plus they host a series of in-person events, expos, and business competitions. For your daily fix of news and actionable advice, sign up for their Monday Motivation newsletter or follow them @sheleadsafrica.

By Alicia Hibbard
Alicia Hibbard