DO Talk To Strangers!

Connecting With Strangers

I know. I know. For your first 18 years of life, your family, teachers and CSI warned you about stranger danger.

I’m not minimizing it at all, but now that you’re in college, let’s redefine “stranger”:

The guy you see in the Dunkin Donuts line every day; the girl who does her laundry the same time you do; how about the professor who rides your same bus to campus? Or that adult learner who sits a few seats down from you in LH1. You should have considered them strangers 10 years ago. But not anymore! They might become a crucial study partner or one of your best friends or have connections to that amazing pre-health internship, research or job opportunity.

Elizabeth Warren addresses the benefits of random interactions when you Connect with Strangers .

5 Simple Ways How to Connect:

  • Start with simple eye contact and a smile – acknowledgement goes a long way.
  • Ask about the other person – most people wait for the other to initiate. So initiate!
  • Open up – mutual disclosure helps make connections.
  • Focus on what you have in common to start – “That test was brutal!!”
  • Do it again – practice makes perfect and soon you’ll be no stranger to connecting!
By Laura O'Neill
Laura O'Neill Career Consultant in Residence Laura O