Applying to a Creative Industry? Have You Tried a Creative Resume?

With a creative resume, you are not only listing out your experiences and qualifications for the role, but you are also demonstrating to the employer proof of those design skills. It can be their first glimpse of how you use graphics, icons, unique fonts and colors to grab the reader’s attention and market important information. As these types of resumes continue to gain momentum in the creative fields, I want to share a few tips on how to succeed with this unique approach.


  • Use your traditional resume to guide your creative resume – you still need to make sure your experiences are being clearly marketed for the role. 
  • Be strategic with the visuals you choose to include. Do they properly market your skills and experiences or are they taking up valuable real estate? 
  • Get feedback! If you have someone in your network within your interested industry, see if they would offer their insights. 
  • Attach your creative resume as an “additional document” in online applications – not in the “resume” option. This is your safest bet since things like Applicant Tracking Software can struggle to read graphics, unique fonts, and colors.
  • Bring both copies of your resumes to an interview and let the interviewers decide which they want to use. 

A creative resume can be a valuable way to enhance your candidacy for a position! However, there are unique steps to consider in order to make sure these are successful. Don’t hesitate to meet with a career consultant if you are interested in getting feedback or to learn more about these types of resumes!

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Career Consultant Assistant in Residence Jordan Smith