So, I’m an “S”. How does “Social” Connect to Education and Human Services?

So, you already took the FOCUS 2 online assessment and you learned about your Holland Code (RIASEC).

You are not at all surprised that “S” for Social was your most prominent result! You gain energy and inspiration from being with others. You enjoy understanding different perspectives and engaging in group projects where you can share and learn with others.

More often than not, those who lead with “Social” have a heart for service and building relationships with others. Encouragingly, service to others comes in so many forms – just check out this “S” occupation search on O*Net! By using your skills and interests of understanding, supporting, and working with others you have many potential options in the Education and Human Services career cluster. As an “S”, you may want to consider researching and trying out positions that are “client-facing”, “student-facing”, or “community facing” if you want to put your “S” skills to work. Here is a quick comparison of a student facing role in an educational institution VS a non-client facing role in the same type of setting.

Here is a job description for a 1st Grade Teacher found on hireBING. I have highlighted some sections in bold that represent key terms that show direct service to and relationships with students. This type of career would absolutely require a person with the “S” interest in people, patience and understanding.

Position: 1st Grade Teacher
The Park School is a Pre-K to Grade 8 independent school in Brookline, MA dedicated to excellence in education. The cornerstone of Park’s program is academic excellence, combining both high standards of scholarship and the encouragement of each child to develop to his or her greatest potential. Our school community fosters a nurturing environment in which children develop curiosity, express creativity, appreciate the value of hard work and discipline, and experience the joy of learning. Park’s faculty encourages each student to strive for intellectual, physical and moral growth and to become contributing members of the community.
In addition to outstanding teaching ability, the position requires expertise with the social and emotional needs of this age group and the ability to balance the encouragement of intellectual growth with creating a learning environment that supports the needs of a range of learning styles.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Establish and maintain a healthy and trusting learning environment, fostering nurturing relationships with students
  • Design, plan, and implement learning experiences for reading, writing, math, and social studies
  • Collaborate with the Grade Level team and Grade Level Assistant
  • Participate in weekly Grade Level team meetings
  • Guide students in their social-emotional development, maintaining expectations and support for positive and productive student behavior
  • Meaningfully integrate technologies into class lessons, for online learning as well as in school
  • Collaborate with the Director of Equity and Inclusion to keep multiculturalism and diversity as a priority of curricular work and curriculum development
  • Regularly communicate with families about classroom happenings and student progress
  • Update documentation of current curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Maintain records of individual student progress and achievement
  • Partner with Literacy Specialist for individualized professional development
  • Participate fully in ongoing professional development
  • Participate in the school community, including faculty and committee work, school duties, and activities such as clubs and assemblies

On the flip side, the following position for the Assistant Business Manager at the Indiana Area School District, is not client or student-facing. The skills needed here are highlighted and are not closely associated with the “S” RIASEC Code.

Position: Assistant Business Manager at the Indiana Area School District
The Indiana Area School District has an anticipated vacancy for a full-time Assistant Business Manager. Must have a four-year degree in Business Administration specializing in accounting. Three years of auditing and/or accounting experience in a governmental or non-profit setting is preferred. Requires proficiency in MS Office. Responsibilities include accounting, internal auditing, cash management, investments, student activity funds and fixed asset accounting. Enrollment of approximately 2800 students with a $56 million budget. Benefits included.

Both positions are essential in an educational institution, but require a different experiences skill set and interests! Hopefully, learning your RIASEC Code will provide another tool to help you assess if a given position is the right fit for you!

By Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi
Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi Career Consultant Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi