Focus 2 Assessment Features for Education and Human Services

If you have never taken the Focus 2 Assessment found on our website or on the Resources tab in hireBING, now might be a good time to sit down and give it a try. It is easy to get “stuck” if you don’t know what you want to pursue, or if you are experiencing a bit of “tunnel vision” around a career goal that may not be moving forward and is met with frustration after frustration. In either circumstance, it is always good to take a step back, try something different and really reflect on what are the possibilities. Focus 2 could be that “something different”! With your RIASEC Code results you can begin browsing occupations that may align with your interests. This may open up new doors to occupations you never thought about before!

If you lead with “S” for Social, your focus may be on occupations that are people-focused or service oriented. Your Focus 2 results will provide a list of occupations based on your top 3 RIASEC Codes, but you can also “Explore Occupations by Job Family”. In the list, you could check out “Community and Social Service” as an option, “Education and Training”, “Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Media”, or maybe “Healthcare Support” All of these involve deep connection with people! The lists of occupations also indicate those with a bright outlook for growth and demand!

In brief, further exploration will help you make decisions on how to move forward, if that means “staying the course” or pivoting to another opportunity. It’s all to your benefit, success and fulfillment!


By Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi
Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi Career Consultant Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi