What is a Scholarship for Non Traditional Students?

If you postponed college, you may be eligible for scholarship for non traditional students. Scholarships for returning students are for people who are pursuing college later in their adult life. It could also be adults returning to school after being in the workforce.

Scholarships for non traditional students often help pay for college at a time when other expenses abound. Unlike a loan, a non traditional scholarship typically does not need to be paid back. So, if you abide by the terms, it should not add to your college debt.


Providers of non traditional student scholarships are diverse. You may find them through corporations, professional associations and colleges and other organizations.

One example is a Founders Scholarship. These awards are for members of ANTSHE. The Association for Non Traditional Students in Higher Education offers $500 to full tuition. There are many colleges offering this scholarship. Albright College and Beloit College are some schools that offer this award.


As a non traditional student, there are many scholarships to help you earn a college degree. There are over 50,000 awards to apply for in this blog. Apply now to our list of scholarships for non traditional students.

By Alicia Hibbard
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