What does being LGBTQ+ in the workplace look like today?

Corporate America has helped advance LGBTQ+ rights over the past two decades, but more needs to be done. McKinsey & Company conducted a research report on this topic, How the LGBTQ+ community fares in the workplace, that explores the experience of these employees in the U.S. and exposes the gaps in progress between them and their cisgender, straight colleagues.

According to Ana Mendy, a McKinsey partner, “companies have to move beyond mere gestures of support for queer and trans people” if they want to engage a new generation of workers and consumers who increasingly prioritize diversity and inclusion. “They have to take specific steps,” Ana adds, “to ensure their organizations are safe and welcoming environments for queer women and people of all genders.”

Read the full blog post to see a snapshot of what their research has found about the LGBTQ+ landscape today in corporate America and where we see signs of progress ahead. To learn more about the LGBTQ+ community at McKinsey, watch the eight founders of GLAM—our worldwide network of LGBTQ+ colleagues that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year—share their favorite memories of how it got started.

By Alicia Hibbard
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