Building a Community…Leveraging Your “R” Traits

Building a Community…Leveraging Your “R” Traits

When I think about careers that help others, I’m oftentimes blinded by stereotypical helping roles. Identifying careers that serve the community and help others spans many industries and types of roles, the important thing to keep in mind is you must explore your opportunities.

If you took Focus2, you might have identified that your holland code begins with the letter R. R stands for realistic and individuals with this strong personality trait are drawn to opportunities to work their hands, use tools, equipment and enjoy working with animals, the environment and are often seen as the doers of the group.

As you are exploring careers, think about how you want to spend your time. As someone with a strong R preference, they may gravitate towards organizations like Habitat for Humanity, an organization working in community gardens like VINES, or an organization working with animals like the ASPCA. These are just a few different types of organizations, but ultimately it’s your job to do you research, and explore how your interests connect to different job descriptions and organization mission. 

Check out this CandidCareer video as an example of how to explore more!

Program Coordinator from VINES (Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments)

By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Assistant Director, Early Engagement and Exploration Lexie Avery, MS