Share Your Passion During an Interview

Share Your Passion During an Interview

Preparing for an interview is an important step of the job and internship search. When you are applying to a nonprofit or education related role, it’s incredibly important that you share your passion for the topic or cause so the hiring manager knows that you share the same interest and excitement for their organization. 

BigInterview is an online platform that can help prepare you for an interview. You can record yourself answering questions to build up your confidence with a variety of questions. 

  If you follow the pictures below, there is a custom set of interview questions ready for you called Share Your Passion which will help prepare for an interview. 

Log Into your BigInterview account through hireBING by Handshake

Click on Practice and then Custom Sets 

From there you can find your custom set, Share Your Passions to help you prepare!


By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Assistant Director, Early Engagement and Exploration Lexie Avery, MS