Exploring Career Options through Internship Experiences

Exploring Career Options through Internship Experiences

For students who aren’t sure what career they might be interested in, gaining experience is a good way to determine what you like and don’t like about an industry or role.

Finding an internship is the next step! There are many ways to find an internship opportunity, you may search through a job and internship search platform, like hireBING by Handshake OR you may do some networking and cultivate your own opportunity. You could also attend events like the Job and Internship Fair which is coming up on Thursday, September 11th and this year we’re going virtual! 

The Job and Internship fair is a great opportunity to connect with employers individually through 1:1 sessions or take advantage of the group sessions to learn more about the company. Even though this fair is virtual, the prep work is still the same. 

Here are some tips to navigate the virtual job and internship fair,


Prepare your documents and your hireBING account


Sign up for an appointment through hireBING to make sure your resume is looking great. Check out our career guide for tips and tricks. You should also make sure that your hireBING is update to date and complete with accurate graduation dates, major and highlights some of your experiences. 


Do Your Research


Researching employers and what opportunities they have available is an important step. You want to make sure the employer has internships that match what you’d like to explore. If you don’t research beforehand, then you end up talking to employers you aren’t interested in and really not making good use of your time or the employer’s time. 


Dress and Act the Part


Just because the fair is virtual this year, doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t dress the part. If you are able, make sure your camera is on and that you have tested your audio to make sure it’s working. Dressing the part will help you mentally get ready for the virtual fair experience. 

Think about what you want to learn and explore, then seek out those opportunities. One aspect of learning and exploring is asking questions so make sure you prepare questions for each employer so they know you are interested. 

Check out our upcoming program, Making the Most of the Virtual Job and Internship Fair on Friday, September 4th at 12pm. You can register through hireBING. 

By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Assistant Director, Early Engagement and Exploration Lexie Avery, MS