Looking for a Career Mentor? Connect with Binghamton Alumni on Mentor Match!

Mentors are a valuable part of your career development, whether for personal growth, career exploration, or reaching your career goals, mentors play a valuable role! No matter where you’re at in your career journey (or in your time at Binghamton) it’s never too late to seek out mentors!

5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Mentor

  1. Mentors can help you explore different career options, stay motivated on your current path, and provide advice based on their career experience.
  2. Mentors can be your career cheerleader and help you discover new opportunities.
  3. Mentors can offer shadowing, networking opportunities and other career tips.
  4. Mentors can encourage you to learn new skills and help you advance the skills you already have that are necessary for future roles.
  5. Mentors can provide life-long career advice and insight.

Mentor Match is an online platform that connects Binghamton students with alumni who are looking to help you prepare for a successful future, navigate your careers and, , explore new career paths.

Mentor Match is open to all students and alumni from all class years, programs and schools, Mentor Match gives mentees exclusive access to a robust network of alumni mentors who are eager to share their wisdom and advice about professional life after graduation.

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By Cassie Spencer
Cassie Spencer Assistant Director, Internship and Career Education Cassie Spencer