Get Career Clarity: Determine What Your Work Values Are!

Firstly, what are work values? Essentially, they are job-related beliefs and ideas that are important to you! Some may even say they are things you NEED to have in your career to feel true fulfillment and satisfaction. Knowing these can help you narrow down career paths and even work environments that you want to work in. However, how does one go about determining their work values? 

Below you will see a few different resources listed that all aim to help you with just that. Take time to review the list they provide, reflect on your past experiences, and see which values resonate with you.

Focus 2: Choose your top 3 work values and get a list of careers that align with your choices 

The Good Project – Value Sort Activity: Sort through 30 values to find your top 10 as well as your lowest ranked values 

Knowdell Card Sorts – Career Values: Sort through 54 values to determine your highest and lowest values (Card Sort at The Fleishman Center: Open Monday – Friday from 10 am – 4 pm.)

Once you have your list of values, consider reflecting back on your career choices to see if they are in alignment. Furthermore, when you interview for positions, ask questions directly related to your values. This is a great time to make sure the role and the team’s/company’s culture fits in with your job-related beliefs! 

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Career Consultant Assistant in Residence Jordan Smith