6 Questions to Ask During a Virtual Medical School/Science Grad School Fair

Preparation is key for attending a grad school fair. Reviewing your school choices, reflecting on your undergraduate experience and reaffirming your goals can help you get ready for those virtual fair conversations. But don’t forget about the questions you would like to ask them!

Janet Snoyer of the Mentoring Alliance pointed out in a recent blog (How To Do The AAMC Virtual Medical School Fair) the importance of not only researching the schools of your interest, but also establishing a good rapport with the admissions officers. Here’s how:

The best way to interact privately or in a public chat, is to ask good questions. These are questions that you would not normally find answers to on the school’s website. It gets really tedious for admissions officers to answer questions you could easily look up, but you will find many public chatters doing just that. It’s not a good way to distinguish yourself. You want your questions to ask for real information that relates to your personal situation.

  • What innovations and changes in the student experience is your school anticipating over the next few years?
  • How does faculty mentorship work at your school? Is it formal, as in students are assigned to mentors, or is it informal, and students find their own way to advisors and mentors?
  • As an admissions officer, do you get to interact with the people you select as they go through their four years?
  • If you had to choose one of these three as the most important primary selection factor for your school, which would it be: service, clinical experience, or research?
  • Are you planning any open houses at the school this year?

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By Laura O'Neill
Laura O'Neill Career Consultant in Residence Laura O