Interviewing soon? Practice, practice, practice! Use Big Interview to prepare and sharpen your skills

Learning the art of interviewing takes practice. I guarantee there are few people who can roll out of bed and enter an interview for their dream job with little preparation and succeed! Selection Committee members are very observant and have a trained eye and ear for unprepared candidates who did not put a lot of effort into the process. Don’t get pinned as the unprepared candidate! Sign up for a Mock Interview appointment with a Career Consultant at the Fleishman Center, OR practice on your own time using the online tool Big Interview, found in the Resources section in hireBING by Handshake.

Using Big Interview platform, students can watch  tutorials on common interview techniques, questions and pitfalls to be aware of. Industry specific interview question sets are available, as well! Applying to Graduate School? You can practice by program type and school!  

BigInterview has also just launched a new AI Feedback tool that provides immediate feedback on your interview answers and delivery – from eye contact to filler work to vocabulary and more! If you want even more support, you can request a Fleishman Center Career Consultant to provide feedback on your recorded responses by scheduling a “Big Interview Review” appointment on hireBING. 

Get started by creating an account! Be sure to check out the “Practice” tab and then select  “Industry” to see question sets for your field of interest! If you don’t see your industry in the “Most Popular Occupations” tab, be sure to check the tab “ONET Database” tab for more options (related to this awesome blog post on the US Department of Labor’s platform: O*Net!) There are so many fields to choose from! 

Happy practicing!



By Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi
Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi Career Consultant Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi