Exploring Entertainment Law

Entertainment lawyers represents and protects the interests of creatives and  companies across the entertainment industry. This can include areas such as film, television, new media, theater, publishing, music and many other areas across the Arts and Communication Career Cluster.  Entertainment Lawyers are also often working with individuals and companies to provide advice and insight on legal matters relating to the entertainment field and may have expertise in several areas of law, including intellectual property, contract law, labor law and litigation as they relate to the entertainment industry.

Exploring entertainment law as a career is just one way that you can combine their passion for the arts and entertainment with other skills such as writing, research, and communication and interests.

What does an Entertainment Lawyer Do?

Two of the most common responsibilities of an entertainment lawyer include: negotiating contracts and  protecting intellectual property. For example, in 2018, when Taylor Swift formally announced that she was leaving her record label and signing with a new label there was an extensive amount of behind the scenes negotiating between Taylor Swift’s lawyer and the labels’ lawyers. The specifics of the new deal included giving Taylor ownership of any future masters and ensured that any sale of the label’s shares in Spotify would be distributed among the label’s artists. This is just one example of how entertainment lawyers are involved in both big and small scale contract negotiation with specific clients and organizations across the entertainment industry.

Entertainment lawyers also often conduct research regarding relevant cases, serve as a liaison between their clients and other professionals such as agents, unions, accountants and can help clients review sponsorship agreement, develop agreements, analyze rights issues among many other day to day tasks.

Learn more about Entertainment Law from the American Bar Association’s Entertainment Law Overview and Q&A

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By Cassie Spencer
Cassie Spencer Assistant Director, Internship and Career Education Cassie Spencer