New Tool Alert! Check out Big Interview’s New Neurodiversity Playbook!

If you’re new to interviewing, it can feel like a daunting experience. You may be thinking “How do I tell a good story?” “How do I know the right amount of detail to share?” “What can I do to make a great impression?” The anxiety is real! If you are already preparing for the interview phase, chances are you’ve practiced writing about your skills and past experiences in your resume using evidence-based language in your bullet points. As we saw in the Resume Best Practices video, we want to stay away from the “fluff” (vague, general statements) and focus on the facts! These are the building blocks of telling a compelling story. You will definitely have the opportunity to build on these ideas in your interview.

To get you started with interview practice, check out BigInterview. This online interview prep platform recently created a Neurodiversity Playbook with 15 brief videos focused on overcoming challenges specific to interviewing for individuals who identify as being neurodiverse. The Playbook reviews common challenges such as mastering non-verbal communication, providing the right amount of detail in your interview responses, how to take social cues into account, etc. The moderator will also review how to analyze the job description, communicating your strengths and weaknesses and sample questions and responses.

Once you have completed the Neurodiversity Playbook, practice interview questions from your industry of choice or start with the basics.  If you are focusing in your industry of choice, be sure to check the ONet Database tab if your industry isn’t included in the Most Popular Occupations tab. BigInterview also has a new AI feature that will allow you to get immediate feedback  on your interview answers and delivery – from eye contact to filler words to vocabulary and more.

If you want more support, you can request a Fleishman Center Career Consultant to provide feedback on your recorded responses by scheduling a “Big Interview Review” appointment on hireBING.

By Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi
Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi Career Consultant Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi