Struggling to Find a Part-Time Job?

What should I do if I am not able to secure on-campus student employment?

If you are unable to find a position on campus, consider these alternatives:

  1. Off-campus student employment: Students can seek off-campus employment opportunities in hireBING ( by searching for “Binghamton University – Off Campus Student Employment”
  2. Apply for a Micro-Internship: Binghamton University has a partnership with Parker-Dewey for students to apply to short term (2 weeks – 4 months) paid micro-internship opportunities. Learn more at
  3. Visit for listings of flexible student positions (*not affiliated with Binghamton University) –
  4. Visit Virtual Student Federal Service Jobs:
  5. Use the Fleishman Center’s List of Remote Job Boards:
By Brandy Smith, M. Ed.
Brandy Smith, M. Ed. Brandy Smith, M. Ed.