Is Sales & Trading the Right Career for You? A Discussion with 7 Morgan Stanley S&T Professionals

Sales and trading careers are among the most dynamic, exciting, challenging, and rewarding. And there’s perhaps no better place to pursue a sales and trading career than New York-based global financial services giant Morgan Stanley—which offers a wide range of S&T roles, for all types of backgrounds and skillsets. 

Recently, Vault spoke with several S&T professionals in Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equities Division and its Fixed Income Division—Kow A., Managing Director, FID; April S., Managing Director, IED; Sage Z., Managing Director, FIDJack C., Executive Director, IED; Erin B., Vice President, FIDJon L., Associate, IED; and Catherine F., Analyst, IED.

Vault spoke with these professionals about what makes S&T such an exciting and challenging career, how junior professionals can gain early responsibility, how Morgan Stanley helps junior professionals grow, and what their most exciting days on the trading floor look like. Below is an edited version of that conversation.

Vault: What makes Sales & Trading a unique, exciting, and challenging career?

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By Brandy Smith
Brandy Smith Brandy Smith