Student Organization Spotlight: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Student Organization Spotlight: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)


What is the goal of your student organization?

The goal of the college chapter of the NAACP is to inform the youth of any problems/issues affecting Black people and other people of color. In addition it is to advance the economic, education, social and political status of Black people as well as any and all marginalized folks whether it is through race, ethnicity or other identities. Ultimately the NAACP strives to unit all people of color especially those of the African diaspora to develop an intelligent and effective leadership within the youth. The organization is driven by its 6 game changers which are education, health, criminal justice, voting rights, economic sustainability and youth engagement.  

Who is welcome to join your organization?

Everyone is welcome to join the org that is interested in advancing the mission and working towards our goals. 

How can students connect with your organization?

Students can connect with our organization by email or through our IG page naacpbing.

Why did you join the organization?

I joined NAACP because I have always loved everything it stood for. Before even stepping foot on campus I wanted to be apart of NAACP and when I attended my first GB “Aint I a Women” I was inspired by the president. I then did my own research as well as attended more meetings and got to know the executive committee and I felt like I was right where I belonged. 

What are some examples of events of programs that your student organization participate in or plans?

Our most famous event is the annual Image Awards, our gala night where we reward members of the community for various reasons. Some awards we present are Outstanding Organization of the Year, Gamechanger of the Year Entrepreneur of the Year to name a few. However my favorite program is our annual Surviving Binghamton collaboration with the Lamba Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Incorporated. This program holds a special place in my heart as it has became a space for survivors that helps to facilitate healing. I found solace in the space and I know others have as well and that is the kind of impactful programing that drew me to this organization. We also hold fun events such as Trap Karaoke to help destress and our famous chicken and waffle fundraisers.  

As a student leader how important is it for students to get involved on campus?

As a student leader I actually think everyone should only be as involved as they can handle. Being involved is not always easy especially in this political climate as well as a pandemic. Attending a PWI as a POC is already an exhausting fate! However being involved has allowed me to have a community and build family with individuals with similar backgrounds we can relate with one another laugh with one another and complain about stress with one another. All of this coupled with doing impactful work like facilitating necessary conversations, doing community service and uplifting and making a difference in the community is why I feel individuals should get involved on campus. 

What skills do you feel members gain from being part of your organization? 

The list is endless, soft skills like communication, working in a team, leadership and hard skills like organization, marketing with making flyers or event planning like I did. Every position comes with a list of skills you can earn and help to build character as well as  your resume. Being a part of NAACP you also gain a huge network because we are a national organization. There are a plethora of individuals you can learn from outside of just your executive committee which can help tremendously even after you have left the organization.


By Kyla Anderson
Kyla Anderson Senior Peer Consultant