How to Find Your Perfect Career Fit

There are endless career possibilities out there, so how are you supposed to know exactly which career is right for you?
The secret to finding the right career fit is a simple process! If you put in the work, you can find a career that you will love. The Fleishman Center has a variety of tools, resources and more to help you connect your interests to potential careers, explore career options and choose one that’s the right fit for you!

Step 1: The first step in exploring careers is to do a self-assessment of your own skills, personality, interests and values. The Fleishman Center offers a variety of self-assessment tools including Focus2, Strong Interest Inventory, and MBTI. Learn more:

Step 2: You should have a more narrow list of career options that would be a good fit for you, so now it’s time to do some research. Learn about the typical roles and responsibilities of these careers, the qualifications, what is needed to be successful in these roles, and what the job market outlook looks like. To get started you can:

Step 3: After you have a better understanding about career options that interest you, it’s time to connect with professionals in the field and begin growing your network. 

  • Join Mentor Match to connect with alumni career mentors in your fields of interest. 
  • Use LinkedIn to identify alumni and professionals in your field of interest and conduct informational interviews to learn about their positions and ask any questions you may have! 
  • Join professional organizations related to your career of interest
  • Attend virtual Fleishman Center events with alumni and employers

Step 4: Gain experience in your field of interest through internships, volunteer work, professional development, part-time jobs, or taking classes through platforms such as LinkedIn, Coursera, etc.

Reflection: After each step of the process, make sure you are reflecting on your experiences or the knowledge you have gained. Reflection will help you gain clarity about what you like or don’t like about a position or experience. Utilizing the resources and connections described in the steps above can help you narrow down your interests and determine your next steps. The Fleishman Center is here to help you reflect and make meaning from your experiences, just make an appointment in hireBING!

By Alissa Strong
Alissa Strong Sr. Asst. Director, Technology Innovation & Marketing Alissa Strong