Student Org Spotlight: Binghamton Law Quarterly

What is the goal of your student organization? The goal of our organization is to produce a non-partisan publication about issues related to law and legal practice. 

Who is welcome to join your organization? Anyone is welcome to join! While The Quarterly is great for those who are considering law school, we also encourage students who want to work on their writing to join. The Quarterly is an excellent way to publish your work.

How can students connect with your organization? Connect with us via our email ( I also encourage anyone interested in connecting with us to visit our website,

Why did you join the organization? I joined because I wanted to hone my writing skills and meet people who were also interested in law school. The connections I have made through The Quarterly are invaluable – I am prepared to apply to law school now with confidence and support. 

What are some examples of events of programs that your student organization participate in or plans? We sponsor pre-law events on campus with the pre-law advisor, Alex Jablonski. Aside from that, most of our time together is dedicated toward writing, revising and editing pieces to prepare the publication. 

As a student leader how important is it for students to get involved on campus? It is vital that students get involved on campus. The university experience is made so much more enjoyable and exciting when students explore their interests not just through classes, but through clubs, sports, and other activities. Not only do organizations provide professional growth opportunities, but they also are a great way to find friends! 

What skills do you feel members gain from being part of your organization? The Quarterly provides students with an assortment of skills. Legal writing is a technical skill that we teach our writers. With that also comes how to use citations, how to edit and revise writing, and how to use legal research. Additionally, The Quarterly provides a unique opportunity for its E-Board members. For example, the layout editor position is an opportunity for graphic designers to be creative and learn about adobe design programs.

By Kyla Anderson
Kyla Anderson Kyla Anderson