5 Tips for A Quality Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an important component of any application package. Not only do they add credibility to the ideas and stories you shared about yourself in your resume and cover letter, but they also provide another perspective about who you are as a person and as a professional. At the foundation of a strong letter of recommendation is the relationship you have developed with the writer. That’s right – read that again! The power of a letter of recommendation is the reflection, story and observation the writer tells about YOU, using facts and evidence to describe your areas of strength and accomplishments.

Follow these 5 tips for a quality letter of recommendation  written by Carmen Mezzera, Executive Director of the Association of Professional Schools in International Affairs.

Use these tips to help the writer of your next letter of recommendation set you up for success!

By Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi
Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi Career Consultant Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi