Cover Letter Tricks and Tips

Cover Letter Tricks and Tips

 Cover letters are so important when applying to internships and jobs. It shows how truly interested you are in the opportunity. It also gives you the chance to almost brag about all of your achievements and how it connects to the job that you want. This is your chance to prove the person reading your application that you can succeed in this job and are qualified enough for an interview. Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your resume:

  1. Do NOT just copy your resume!

 The recruiter has already seen your resume. Just repeating every single position from your resume on your cover letter will not be enough to prove to the recruiter that you are the right candidate for this position. You need to match your skills that you have from one experience with the skills needed to prove that you are qualified.

  1. Change your cover letter for each position

When writing your cover letter you should change the words and topics in each cover letter. A recruiter can tell when you just changed the name of the position and company in a cover letter. Making each of your cover letter individualized, for each job or internship opportunity shows how interested you are in getting the position.

  1. Make your cover letter positive

If you know you do not have a particular skill for the internship or job, do not harp on this in your cover letter. It comes off to the recruiter as something negative, when you need to come off as positive. Explain in your cover letter how open you are to learning now opportunities and turn the negative into the positive.

  1. Use the Cover Letter Format provided in the CareerGuide made by the Fleishman Center

If you do not know where to begin when it comes to a cover letter, use our CareerGuide! We give an outline and sample cover letter for you to apply to your own cover letter. Here is the link for the CareerGuide:


By Kyla Anderson
Kyla Anderson Senior Peer Consultant