Introducing the Asian Student Union!

Looking to join an organization on campus? Check out the Asian Student Union to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Asian Student Union

What is the goal of your student organization?

To unite the Asian / Asian-American community, educate others on what it means to be Asian / Asian-American and the issues around our community,  and truly represent the Asian / Asian- American population here at Binghamton University.


Who is welcome to join your student organization?

Everyone! Just as with most cultural organizations here at Binghamton, we strive to make a space in which people from any background can learn and grow alongside the community we represent.


How can students connect with your organization?


Why did you first join this student organization?

I first joined Asian Student Union as a freshman because as a Thai-American student from Brooklyn I didn’t know where I fit in. I spent the early stages of my life in a predominantly Black/Latinx community, then in High School I went to a predominantly White/Asian school. Coming to college, I wanted to grow in a community which helped me figure out who I was myself.


What are some examples of events or programs that your student organization participates in or plans?

The events that come to mind are: Asian Night where all of our seven subgroups (each representing Asian / Asian Americans from different backgrounds) and others come to showcase different cultural talents alongside a guest performer. Our Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) events ranging from educational history events to political discussions to spa days. In terms of programs we participate in, we annually join hands with Asian Pacific Islander American Vote (APIA Vote) to push out voter content to the Asian / Asian American community.


As a student leader, how important is it for students to get involved on campus?

A student getting involved on campus means connecting with a community. Whether that’s our organization or any, active involvement on campus helps you expand your social/professional circle, gain valuable skills and insight, and grow as both a student and a person.


What skills do you feel members gain from being a part of your organization?

Communication, Critical Thinking, Time Management, Collaboration, Event Planning, Graphic Design, Political/Social/Philosophical Intuition, Video Editing, Project Management, Patience, and most importantly in my opinion: Reflection and Open-mindedness.


By Kyla Anderson
Kyla Anderson Kyla Anderson