Putting Your Summer 2020 Remote or Cancelled Internship on Your Resume

Last year, many students put in the time on multiple job search platforms for internships, revising their resumes, tailoring their cover letters, and compiling any other necessary information to apply for internships. After this, many went on to continuing their research on companies to be well informed during competitive interview processes. After all that waiting anxiously to be notified that you had been accepted into the 2020 summer internship program.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies had to decide on how or if they would be able to provide students with the summer internship experience they had been expecting at their company. This meant some companies had to cancel their internship programs and others modified their programs with limits in the activities they had available for interns. No matter what the situation was with your summer internship, being accepted is still an accomplishment within itself and can still be put on your resume.

Why would I put my remote or canceled internship on my resume?

When asking yourself this question, you should think back to why you applied to the internship in the first place. How this aligns with your career goals, what skills were you trying to gain, and who did you want to connect with? Additionally, the fact that you were selected for the internship shows that you were planning out your summer and took initiative to find a learning opportunity. Especially, if you were selected for a highly competitive internship, it shows what your qualifications were before the internship.

Something to be aware of is that this may be something that you want to do only if you have the space available. Additionally, it is not mandatory that you write bullets for this experience on your resume. The decision on putting the internship on your resume is based on deciding if it helps tell the story you want employers to know and see the ways you have been working to grow in your intended field or career goals.

How would I format the internship on my resume?

For Cancelled Internships:

  • You can put your internship in an Achievements or Experience Section
    • Accepted to Program
    • Cancelled Due to COVID 19
    • XYZ Company – Internship offer accepted. Canceled due to COVID-19 – Summer 2020
  • (Optional) Potential Ideas for Writing Bullets
    • Discuss selection process
    • Skills that you were going to develop or what skills you had that made you an ideal candidate

For Remote Internships

  • How to label your internship on resume
    • XYZ Company, Remote Intern, Summer 2020 (format as necessary to be consistent with the rest of your resume)
  • (Optional) Potential Ideas for Writing Bullets
    • Networking
    • Skills you developed
    • Projects completed
    • Make sure to not put blame on the organization for canceling the internship

Additional Options

  • Add it to your linkedin profile
  • Discuss the internship  in an interview (think overcoming challenges)
  • Connect and network with the people from the company of the internship

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By Rose Ulaner
Rose Ulaner Rose Ulaner