Amazon Software Development Engineer opportunities – Applications OPEN

Amazon Student Programs is still hiring Software Development Engineers for internship and full-time opportunities. The job requisitions are posted on the process, your application status will be available in your candidate portal (

Apply to either the U.S. intern or full-time role using the links below:



  1. Log in information: If this is your first time creating a Student Programs profile, please click Register to create a profile.  If you already have an existing Student Programs profile, your login email is the original email you used to apply to roles within the Student Programs candidate portal, which might be different from the address you are receiving this email.
  2. Password Assistance: If you can’t recall your password please use the “Create new or reset existing password” link below the Login button.
  3. Once you are logged in, please follow steps to complete the application.
  4. Please include your expected graduation month and year on your resume and your application profile.

View the recording of our Fall virtual events to learn about Amazon, the Software Development Engineer role, and how Amazon innovates on behalf of their customers.

Learning Resources: 

Study Computer Science fundamentals and practice coding.

  • In the debugging portion of assessment one, you will be viewing code in your choice of Java, Python, C, C#, or C++.  In the coding portion in assessment two, you also have the choice to code in Java, Python, C, C#, or C++.

Familiarize yourself with the assessment environment.

  • Click here to login and answer two practice questions on the platform.

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Come build the future with Amazon!

By Lindsey Murtland
Lindsey Murtland Senior Associate Director of Engagement and Operations Lindsey Murtland