Leveraging Your Writing Skills

When your professor assigns you a lengthy research paper that is causing you to stress, it’s not always easy to see how valuable writing skills are when applying for jobs. You might think – why do I have to write this?  I’m never going to talk about this topic again. If you find yourself having these thoughts, start thinking less about your assignments’ content, and more about the writing skills you are developing! Using effective written communication is essential when searching for or entering a new career. Here are five ways how writing boosts your chances of getting a job and will help you after you’ve landed a job!


Good Grammar Shows Attention to Detail

When recruiters, hiring managers, or committees are quickly searching through your application materials, good punctuation, spelling, and subject-verb agreement will likely help you stand out in a positive light. Harvard Business Review (2013) even found that fewer grammar errors correlate with more promotions! If you are the friend known to be silently correcting everyone’s grammar, this skill will come in handy throughout your career. If grammar is something you struggle with, check out helpful apps like Grammarly.


Helps Expand Your Network

Reaching out to professionals on social media or networking websites such as LinkedIn with clear, concise messages that lack noticeable errors will make it easier for them to decipher what you are trying to articulate. Clear communication allows you to expand your network effortlessly! When checking messages and outreach online, professionals are often moving at a quick pace, so the less complicated it is for them to understand the message you are trying to get across, the better!


Ability to Persuade and Convey Passion 

If you have strong writing abilities, persuading others to hire you, and conveying passion will likely be less complicated for you. Utilize your writing skills when completing resumes, cover letters, or personal statements for graduate school. Nothing will make you stand out more than a powerful story or clear, concise resume bullets that demonstrate what you achieved in your roles!  


Enhances Online Presence

Solid writing skills give you an advantage because you can create a professional website or blog page. These online outlets allow you to reinforce your brand and the other strengths you bring to the table! If you gain a following, that might open the door to freelance marketing, consulting, tutoring, editing, or writing opportunities!  If you are proud of your website, go ahead and feature it by your resume’s contact information.   


Successful Communication is Beneficial for Every Job

This last piece of advice is a little cliché, but it’s worth stating. Regardless of the industry or position you are in, being excellent at writing will help you when you are assigned reports or memos to write or email clients, colleagues, and/or partners. Being a great communicator can even open up mentor opportunities for you at work because your colleagues will look to you for editing tips and advice about completing their assignments.     


Hopefully, you are feeling confident about leveraging your writing skills! If you are looking to improve your writing, be sure to stop by the Writing Center or meet with a Career Consultant!


By Sophia Givre ’11, MA ’13, PhD ’17
Sophia Givre ’11, MA ’13, PhD ’17 Career Consultant Sophia Givre ’11, MA ’13, PhD ’17