Alumni Q&A with Aakash Gandhi

Aakash Gandhi ’19 graduated from Binghamton with a bachelor of science in Industrial and Systems Engineering and an MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. Currently, Aakash is working as an Operations Analyst and Volkswagen Group of America.

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What activities and clubs/organizations did you participate in at Binghamton?

Hindu student council, BU Zoo, Campus Recreation Sport Supervisor, and was a mascot for athletics


Tell us a little about your Internship Experience.

Interned at Brookhaven National Lab where I worked on the LSST telescope project for the department of energy.


How did your experience at Binghamton help prepare you for your first position after graduation?

Binghamton helped me meet the right people and made college fun. Which I think is very important, because all colleges are going to have hard classes and finals but having the opportunity to meet good people, have fun and be part of something bigger than myself is what made my Binghamton experience unique.


For a career in your field, what skills do you think are most important right now?

Definitely excel! Understanding the different levels of industry/business and developing strong soft skills is also very important. Learning and knowing how to communicate with your workers, bosses, etc. and especially know when to talk is not only a skillset but something that changes depending on the company culture. Learning how to be approachable and those other communication skills aren’t necessarily things that are taught in classes but are so important.


What would you look for if you were in a position to hire new graduates for your company?

I would look for someone who is eager to learn, someone easy to talk to, someone who works hard when they have to and someone who knows how to be a fun presence in a team.


If you could do college all over again, what would you add to your college experience?

My experience was perfect and I would change minimal things about it, if anything at all maybe I should’ve taken more excel classes.


What is one thing you think a student can do before senior year to be ready for the job search?

Do your research, pick a field you like, an industry or a company and lock in. Keeping too loose of an outlook may make it harder to truly put in the necessary time and energy you want to in a position.


What is the best piece of career advice you would give to current students?

My dad always told me, don’t follow success, follow happiness and success will follow you. Easier said than done? Maybe. However, I know personally that I have loved cars, working with cars and now the chance to work for the biggest car manufacturer in the world is an absolute dream. I have friends working for companies and within fields that they aren’t as passionate about who aren’t as happy but I truly enjoy my field, my company and my position.


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By Cassie Spencer
Cassie Spencer Assistant Director, Internship and Career Education Cassie Spencer