Student Organization Spotlight: Pre-Physician Assistant Society

Are you on the Pre-Health track but not sure what profession you’re interested in? Are you interested in becoming a Pre-Physician Assistant but would like to learn more and become part of a network of aspiring PAs? Whether you are just beginning on your career exploration journey or are certain on what you want to do, the Pre-Physician Assistant Society welcomes all!

Guest Blogger: Nikita Narsingh, President of the Pre-Physician Assistant Society

What is the goal of your student organization?

The Pre-Physician Assistant Society (PPAS) serves as an important resource for those hoping to become a Physician Assistant, a pre-health track that has often been overshadowed at our University. We aim to shine light on the role of Physician Assistants in Medicine and provide guidance and information to prospective Pre-PA students pertaining a range of things- from prerequisite coursework to obtaining crucial application Patient Care Contact. PPAS aims to provide a curated experience where those hoping to become a PA are surrounded with others of a similar mindset!

Who is welcome to join your student organization?

Anyone who potentially wants to pursue a career as a PA, or who is interested in the role of PAs in medicine! PPAS welcomes all 🙂

How can students connect with your organization?

Why did you first join this student organization?

I first joined PPAS because I was a freshman feeling a little lost about how to successfully embark on a Pre-PA track here at Binghamton. I had gone to advising but didn’t have much luck, luckily I found and joined PPAS; since then it has served as my main source of information about anything and everything I needed surrounding my Pre-PA journey! 

What are some examples of events or programs that your student organization participates in or plans?

We try to curate as many events as possible that would benefit our members, ranging from bi-weekly informative meetings about the Pre-PA track here at BU (prerequisite workshop, how to get your Patient Care Experience, how to solidify your decision about being Pre-PA etc) to hands on events like our annual Suture Clinic with local Orthopedic PAs. We also like to have collaborations with as many guest speakers such as Admissions Directors for various PA programs and our most recent event with the President of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (’18-’19), the national professional organization of PAs! 

As a student leader, how important is it for students to get involved on campus?

Getting involved on campus is incredibly important to making connections with people who are like-minded to you, gaining useful information for your career path, having an outlet for stress relief and having great networking resources in general. I’ve made lifelong friends from PPAS, and my college experience wouldn’t have been the same if it were not for the support provided for me through this org!

What skills do you feel members gain from being a part of your organization?

Members in PPAS will be well equipped with any and all information they need about pursuing a career as a PA as well as being the best Pre-PA student they can be. We aim to provide as many resources as we can for our members to allow them to be as prepared as possible for their Pre-PA track. 

By Jenny Li
Jenny Li Jenny Li