Student Organization Spotlight: Fine Arts Society

The Fine Arts Society at Binghamton University allows students who enjoy art to join a community of other students with similar interests. They provide members with access to artistic materials, opportunities to attend live showings, and an inclusive environment. Their mission is to foster an environment for students who want to participate in new artistic endeavors, create a sense of community for like minded individuals, allow members to become enriched in local art, and encourage creative expression through drawing.

The club meets every Friday from 3:30 to 5:30, where members have the opportunity to draw from live models. Additionally, they travel to downtown Binghamton on the first Friday of every month to attend live gallery openings. This provides their members with an outlet to express their creativity outside of the classroom. Many students who enjoy fine arts do not necessarily have a major related to the arts, however, this club allows those individuals to pursue their hobbies while still majoring in an alternative field.

The Fine Arts Society is an incredible organization that allows students interested in fine arts to meet others with similar interests. Students who join have the opportunity to draw, appreciate works of art, and continue to pursue their hobbies. Anyone interested in fine arts, regardless of their major should look into joining this flourishing organization. For further information, their email address is

By Kailyn Lukaszewski
Kailyn Lukaszewski Kailyn Lukaszewski