Student Organization Spotlight: Meet the Former President of Women in Business

Student Organization Spotlight: Women in Business

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your involvement on campus?

My name is Tatiana Rivera and I am a senior in the School of Management majoring in  Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems and Finance. I am currently the senior advisor of Women In Business where I served as president last year and I am a co-VP of the Binghamton Student Philanthropy Committee. 


What is Women in Business? What is the goal of the organization?

Women in Business is an organization that empowers female students to pursue a career in the business industry by connecting them with other students, providing them mentors in similar fields, holding personal and professional development workshops and the opportunity to meet with various recruiters for internship and full time positions. At the end of the day, we are a community that helps each other in any capacity we can! 


What are some examples of events or programs that your student organization participates in or plans?

Our professional development workshops include LinkedIn Tips, Professional Dress Examples, Resume Building and How to Network. These help prepare students to create or enhance their professional profile online and be prepared for recruiting events that start freshman year.  Additionally, we have service events which include writing letters to Veterans or teaming up Challah for hunger and baking challah! We have various social events for the holiday season like pumpkin paints and gingerbread making! One of my favorites is a Women’s Winter Panel in NYC! This event has been hosted in NYC by different firms like Bank of America, EY and J.P. Morgan. The panel consists of empowering Binghamton alumni with experience in the business industry who share their journey and advice. It’s a great opportunity to network and I always walk out of it inspired. Another great event started around 3 years ago, which is the  NYC Visit trips. We fundraise for it throughout the year and take 25 students from Binghamton campus to the city to learn more about various firms and experience their setting in person. We’ve been hosted for tours and presentations with companies including  Eisner Amper, Bloomberg and Horizon Media. 

As a student leader, how important is it for students to get involved on campus?

I believe it is very important to be involved on campus! I joined WiB my first semester here and I have had so many opportunities to grow. I met empowering young women who supported me and really shaped the not only leader, but person I am today. There are also leadership opportunities in every organization that can teach you very valuable skills. 


How has your leadership role in WiB helped prepare you for your future? What skills have you developed/gained from your involvement in this organization?

WiB helped me land my internship and full-time job offer! Last fall, I had the opportunity to network with PwC through various WiB recruiting events. I had also attended various interview and internship workshops by that point which prepared me for my interviews. WiB had taught me crucial skills like communication, organizational and leadership skills. I will be starting at PwC full-time next fall in their Digital Risk Solutions group. I am so grateful to WiB for all the strong relationships I built, professional and personal development I gained and network and recruiting opportunities I had. 


By Catherine Cursio
Catherine Cursio Catherine Cursio