Remote Job Options: Arts and Communications Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a flourishing environment for remote job opportunities. Many companies are allowing and/or encouraging employees to work from home to maximize safety and to stop the spread of the virus. Specifically, individuals who are seeking employment in the Arts and Communications field have numerous options for careers with various companies across the county. Today, we will be focusing on careers of all experience levels in the field and opportunities for remote work.

For entry level positions in this field, individuals can apply for positions in social media management or virtual classes. Social media coordinators act as a liaison between a company and their clients. Individuals who have strong communication skills and artistic capabilities can apply for positions relating to social media. Because social media is all online, this is a great opportunity to work remotely, all while increasing company awareness. Additionally, anyone interested in the arts and communications field can teach classes from home. This can be done either under the guidance of a company, or as an individual with your own platform. These classes can be taught on topics such as design, public relations, art, and many more. Both of these positions require little to no experience within the specific field and are great opportunities for beginning a career in a remote environment.

With mid-level experience, there are more opportunities for virtual careers in this field. Numerous companies are seeking remote communication managers and content creators. Communication coordinators/managers are typically required to have degrees in subjects related to communications, experience within public relations and/or a communications environment, and have advanced skills in writing and speaking. Communication coordinators/managers work to advance communication strategies in the workplace, optimize company planning, and build relationships with media outlets. Another option is to pursue a position in content creation. Content creators in the field of arts and communications can design content from school courses to social media. To apply for a position as a content creator, ideal candidates will have experience in digital programming, analytical reasoning, and strong written communication skills. Both of these are just a few of the opportunities within this field for remote positions with mid-level experience and are great opportunities to grow as a professional.

Having senior-level experience allows for the most flexibility when seeking a remote position within the arts and communications industry. A few options for remote positions are Senior communications Writers/Editors or Director of Project Management. Senior communications writers/editors have the opportunity to work remotely by reviewing content, organizing materials, and managing others. These positions often require 5-10 years of editorial-related experience in addition to qualities such as adaptability, creativity and effective communication. Another position, project management, is another incredible option for remote work. This position also requires around 5-10 years of professional experience. This position would best suit an individual with successful leadership skills, strong oral and written communication abilities, and experience coordinating activities. Companies are actively seeking remote employees for these positions and they are just a few of the options available at a senior-level.

Arts and communications is an incredibly diverse field with countless opportunities. There are so many companies actively seeking employees of all experience levels to help contribute to their growth. These are just a few of the job examples that can be applied for in this field. It is important that you as an individual seek employment in a field that best suits you and your experience. This pandemic has made it possible to work from home and gain experience in ways that have never been done before so it is important to take advantage of all the opportunities that have been made available during these times. 

By Kailyn Lukaszewski
Kailyn Lukaszewski Kailyn Lukaszewski