Making the Most of Your Winter Break

Are you worried about not doing anything during your winter break? Are you upset that you were not able to secure an internship during the winter break? Are you wondering what to do with all your extra free time? Being in Pre-Law, I understand the field can be very competitive, but here are some things you can do during the winter break whether you secured an internship or not. 


Take this time to recharge yourself and actually take a break. You just did four months straight of school and you deserve time off and time to yourself. It is okay to take time away from career related things, especially considering the semester you had. 

Update your Resume, Cover Letters and Online Presence

Winter break would be a great time to draft new cover letters and update your resume with different experiences you have done during the school year. Also, if you do not have a LinkedIn account, create one and begin adding connections. If you do have a Linkedin account, go to Binghamton University and click on Alumni. There you can filter by job and start connecting with people who are in fields that you want to go into. 

Listen to Podcasts

There are tons of legal podcasts that you can listen to to start getting advice on law school, the LSAT and being in the legal profession. Here are some podcasts:

  • Criminal (In)justice- explores and critiques of the United States Criminal Justice System and issues facing it.
  • I Am the Law- interviews with different types of lawyers in different felids. 
  • More Perfect: explores different Supreme Court Rulings and how it affects everyday life
  • Law360 Pro Say: weekly recaps on stories and events happening in the legal world 
  • The Girl’s Guide to Law School- explores topics relevant for Pre Law students and law students about law school and different scenarios in the legal field. 
  • Wrongful Conviction- interviews with men and women who spent years in prison from crimes they did not commit.

Conduct Informal Interviews

Reach out to different lawyers that have graduated from you college and ask if they have any free time to speak. The winter break is a great time to explore different fields of law but speaking to different lawyers. This is a great way to begin networking and having connections in the legal field

 Begin Law School Preparations

When I say law school preparations, I mean start looking at law schools and seeing if they are a good fit for you, start doing practice LSAT questions, reach out to the Pre-Law Advisor for advice and help on this process. 

Here were five things you could do to stay productive during your winter break. Stay safe and stay healthy during your break!

By Kyla Anderson
Kyla Anderson Kyla Anderson