Meet Alumni in the Education & Human Services Industry at the NYC CONNECT Virtual Networking Night

Looking for ways to grow your professional network over break without leaving the comfort of your own home? The NYC CONNECT Virtual Networking Night is the
perfect opportunity to meet Alumni in a variety of different industries. These connections can benefit you for a lifetime!

Networking Night takes place on Tuesday, January 5 from 6-8 p.m. in the Remo Virtual Conference Platform – 150+ alumni in the greater NYC area attending.

Register by Sunday, January 3 in hireBING to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore a variety of careers through small group conversations with alumni, advice on how to land that position you’ve always wanted and gain insight on working in specific roles or industries.

Many alumni working in the Education and Human Services Industry have registered to attend the Networking Night, including:

Daniel Fagen ‘10, Harpur College- Psychology
Music Teacher/Band Director, NYC Department of Education
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Eunice Kim ‘15, CCPA- Human Development
Head Teacher, Convent of Sacred Heart
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Lisa Lin ‘96, Harpur College- History
School Counselor, Edison Township Board of Education
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Cadine Soman ‘03, School of Ed & Human Development (CCPA) – Human Development
School Social Worker, NYC Dept of Education
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Kyra Brunner ‘19, Harpur College- Sociology
Volunteer Coordinator, Alliance for Safe Kids
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Andrew Sindell ‘05, School of Education & Human Development (CCPA)-Human Development
Manager-Volunteer Recruitment, American Red Cross-Greater NY Region
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Merrit Hartblay ‘76, Harpur College – History
Social Worker, Ken Peters center for Recovery

Suzanne Davino ‘95, Harpur College -Psychology
Director of Young Adult Programs, Cognitive Behavioral Consultants of Westchester & Manhattan
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Tobey Lass ‘10, CCPA-Human Development
Behavioral Analyst, Several Employers
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View the full list of attending alumni here

Register in hireBING by Sunday, Jan. 3 and attend Networking Night to win a $15 e-gift card! The Remo link will be distributed to students who registered in hireBING on Monday, January 4. 

If you have questions about the NYC CONNECT program, please contact 


By Nikkolette Sather
Nikkolette Sather Nikkolette Sather