Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Rotter ’18

Sarah Rotter ’18 always had a strong interest in media and marketing. After graduating from Binghamton with degree in Business Administration and a concentration in marketing she started her media career as an Assistant at Blue 449. Currently Sarah works as an Associate at Carat where she focuses on digital display.

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Current Job Title:
Digital Associate

Where do you work?

What activities and clubs/organizations did you participate in at Binghamton?
I was a Tour Guide, worked in the Fleishman Center, and was Vice President of BTV

Did you do an internship?
Yes! The summer before my sophomore year I did a marketing internship at Digital Transitions. The following summer before my junior year I did another marketing internship at Wolters Kluwer, and then the summer before my senior year I interned at Enterprise Rent-a-car also in the marketing department.

How did your experience at Binghamton help prepare you for your first position after graduation?
Senior year I took Dean Bobinski’s Strategic Marketing class that revolved around a case competition. My team won and we were offered jobs at the company we presented to (Zenith). I started in their training program the summer after I graduated.

For a career in your field, what skills do you think are most important right now?
Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and basic knowledge of setting of a virtual meeting (zoom, Microsoft teams, google hangouts)

What would you look for if you were in a position to hire new graduates for your company?
Any digital marketing experience (including social), public speaking skills, Excel experience.

If you could do college all over again, what would you add to your college experience?
Looking back, I would have liked to gain more experience using Excel and PowerPoint. I  also would have studied abroad.

What is one thing you think a student can do before senior year to be ready for the job search?
Go to the Fleishman Center and get your resume looked over. Also do a mock-interview and get some feedback. Your senior year shouldn’t be the first time you go to the Fleishman Center.

What is the best piece of career advice you would give to current students?
Binghamton has so many opportunities to get relevant marketing experience during your undergrad. If you’re not qualified for a paid position immediately, take a volunteer position and build up experience.

How can students connect with you?

By Cassie Spencer
Cassie Spencer Assistant Director, Internship and Career Education