Finding Organizations That Match Your Passions

Knowing what kind of impact you want to make in the field of work is a huge step to one’s career development. Soon to follow is then figuring out what organizations will allow you to make those kinds of impacts! Listed below are a few ways to identify organizations that align with your passions.

  1. First, get a sense of what kinds of positions allow you to do the work you enjoy. Not sure what those positions are? Try out FOCUS 2 and complete the 5 mini assessments, as well as look through the ‘explore any occupation’ feature to identify careers opportunities that you would enjoy. 
  2. From there, go on LinkedIn and type in those ‘career titles’ into the search bar at the top of the page. See the thousands of professionals that appear and review their profiles to see what employer they are working for.
  3. Next, find what resources have information on the company.
    1. Type their name into google to try and find their personal website 
    2. Look to see if they have a facebook, instagram, twitter and LinkedIn page
    3. Check out buzzfile, a resource that is considered to be ‘the most advanced company information database’
  4. With each resource, look for any of the following things: 
    1. What does their mission statement say? Do they list out their values? Does what they provide align with areas that are important to you?
    2. Do they list any of their successes? Are there any notable awards? 
    3. What articles are listed about them? 
  5. Once you have time to review that information, consider prioritizing which companies align with you the most. From that list, go back on LinkedIn and reach out to professionals currently working there.
    1. Consider reaching out to them for an informational interview. Not sure what that is? Check out our career guide to get an overview on all aspects of informational interviewing.
  6. After you gain valuable insights from individuals working at those companies, prioritize your list of companies. 
    1. It may be helpful for you to talk this out with a career consultant. At any point, please feel free to reserve an appointment through your hireBING account

Another approach you might try is using the filters on your industry job boards. For instance, on idealist, you can filter from over 20 issue areas to find positions/employers that align with your interests. Whichever your approach, be sure to set time aside to be able to conduct this kind of research. Figuring out where you are going to spend 40+ hours a week is worth the hours of research, networking, and reflecting. 

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Career Consultant Assistant in Residence Jordan Smith