oSTEM: The Newest Watson Organization

This year the Watson clubs and organizations community has gained a new member: Binghamton oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Rooted in engineering development, oSTEM provides resources focused on LGBTQ+ students who seek to progress professionally within industries related to STEM. So far the club’s focus has been on preparing its members for the oSTEM National Conference. Being fully online this year, the conference included a Hackathon, speaking events from industry leaders, and a career fair that hosted companies from the defense, aerospace, construction, medical fields, and more. The club also recently partnered with the Watson Career and Alumni Connections office to host a resume workshop for its members. With aspirations to grow in the upcoming semesters, oSTEM has a bright future as a leading Watson organization. 

Becoming a member of Binghamton oSTEM comes with many professional development opportunities and benefits. Members are part of the nationally recognized organization and have access to the networking opportunities and LGBTQ+ resources available through National oSTEM. Members also have the opportunity to attend the annual National Conference and Career Fair which exposes members to the LGBTQ+ focused groups within many of the leading STEM companies and graduate school programs. Edwardo Gomez, the founder and President of Binghamton oSTEM expressed that his goals for leading the organization are to help students feel more comfortable within STEM and supporting these students in their professional development and networking. Information regarding upcoming oSTEM events can be found on the club’s Instagram @ostembing. 

By James Caracciolo
James Caracciolo James Caracciolo