How to Get Involved in Arts and Communications on Campus: Transfer Student Edition

Beginning your education at any institution is a difficult adjustment. Transfer students especially feel this challenge when looking for opportunities on campus due to their unfamiliar surroundings. However, if you’re a transfer student here at Binghamton University, there are countless opportunities to get involved and immerse yourself in all that our campus has to offer. Today, we will be focusing on involvement opportunities for transfer students in arts and communications based organizations on campus!

Here at Binghamton University, we have over 30 clubs and organizations that are centered around arts and communications. As a transfer student, it’s difficult to know where to start your search for ways to get involved on campus. To make that search easier, if you click: Arts & Communication Cluster, there is a complete list of all of the arts and communications clubs here on campus. Following this, if there are any clubs that interest you, you can then utilize b-engaged to acquire more information on each club. B-engaged can be accessed here, and you can search for clubs using their name. It is best to reach out to the email provided for each club to express your interest and ask about joining.

Getting involved as a transfer student may seem intimidating at first, but there are so many resources available to find clubs that match your interests. The arts and communications cluster is filled with incredible organizations that are always looking for new members to share their interests with. Hopefully this article will allow you to find clubs with ease and get involved on our great campus!

By Kailyn Lukaszewski
Kailyn Lukaszewski Senior Peer Consultant